DOO 1987
Comprehensive Solutions for Individuals and Companies
DOO 1987
At DOO 1987, we are specialized in web design, online shops, graphic design, digital marketing, creation of support elements for your online and offline businesses.
We analyze your needs, we study the profitability of your project, we will bring new ideas and knowledge, we will advise you professionally and make a budget without any commitment.
We act in coordination with our different departments so that progress is efficient and timely completion.
We provide our way of seeing each project with an intelligent and creative touch, always based on the needs of our clients.
We help our clients to improve their companies by advising on the best strategies for their business, with the most current online and offline tools.
We use the best and most up-to-date techniques in web page editing, Pages Adaptable to all devices, optimized for search engines like Google. Visually attractive pages for greater approach to the visitor.


Our web designs are adapted to the new generation devices iPads, iPhones, all kinds of Tablets and Smart Phones. We update and optimize obsolete websites.
High quality Web Design adapted to new design techniques. Take the leap and let your customers know who is in the market. We work with all platforms such as WordPress, Pestashop, Magento, Shopify, PHP, Etc.
Client retention
Years of service
Satisfied clients

How we work?

1. Initial search on the project

We contact the client and agree on what their needs are.
We gather all the necessary details for the project to be successful.
We look for information in the market and evaluate trends and new development ideas.
We mark who is the direct or indirect competition, which is the product or service market and its target audience.

2. Collection and Organization

Depending on the information collected we work on the project marking a clear strategy for easy coordination of the team members.
We distribute tasks and agree dates and deadlines for the delivery of works or services.
We consider the best possibilities so that the project is creative, original and that it meets the needs demanded by the client.

3. Development

We develop each project with the utmost care and pampering, complying with the quality standards set by DOO 1987.
We finalize the necessary details for the project to go ahead successfully.

4. Launch

We elaborate a “Draft” model so that the client has an idea of how his project will look once it is finished.
Completion of the work with the care and professionalism that characterizes us, always trying to seek the highest final satisfaction of the client.

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